My interest in photography began 45 years ago while in High School. I was working as an Apprentice Pharmacist for a Pharmacist who was also a photographer, shooting jazz musicians at night clubs in Chicago. The mystique and ambiance of those black and white images in dimly lit clubs stirred my imagination to the point where I could hear the music being played. I was hooked and got my first 35mm camera when I was 17 years old. I would travel the streets of Chicago during the "Hippie Era" in the late 60's and capture the emotion of the young colorful people driven by a desire and hope for peace and love, as I did. Although most of my professional career has been in public safety as a Fire Chief and later as Director of the County 911 System, as a young man I studied photography at Columbia College while working in commercial studios, portrait studios and as a wedding photographer in Chicago. Throughout my public safety career my passion for photography remained, but free time was scarce. I needed an outlet form the chaos that was my chosen profession and once again picked up my camera and focused my attention on the peace and serenity of nature and landscape photography. Since retiring I have spent the past 5 years traveling in the west and focusing on Landscape Photography. My passion to create images that capture a moment that provokes emotion and stirs the imagination has been with me since the first time I watched an image magically appear on a blank sheet of paper in a make shift darkroom using my Mother's laundry room.